The innovative Eco-Clean Ozone™ technology produces ozone to deep-clean surfaces while removing bacteria and mites. The Eco-Clean Ozone™ function is turned on by default, and you can also disable it by pressing the button on the vacuum or via the eufy Clean app. If your MACH V1 series cannot generate ozone, it may be because the ozone function is not enabled or the clean water added to the clean water tank does not meet the requirements.


If your MACH V1 series cannot generate ozone, please try the following troubleshooting steps to verify if the issue can be resolved:

  • Please check whether the ozone function has been enabled. If the ozone function is disabled, you can enter the menu interface on the vacuum cleaner's LCD screen to find the ozone function and enable it, or go to the eufy Clean app's main interface to find the O function and enable it.

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After the ozone function is enabled, please fill the clean water tank with cold tap water but do not exceed the MAX mark, and then install the clean water tank back into the vacuum cleaner. After installing the clean water tank, a steady white indicator light will be on. Please wait for approximately 10 seconds, and you will be able to see that there are white mist bubbles in the clean water tank. In smart mode, the MACH V1 series will automatically start generating ozone and the steady white indicator light will remain on.

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  1. Please note that only tap water can be added to the clean water tank. Mineral water and purified water have been artificially filtered and added with trace elements. The conductivity of filtered water is very low and cannot be used to generate ozone.
  1. If you have installed a water filtration system on your water faucet, it is highly recommended to add only tap water and not purified water to the clean water tank. If filtered water is the only option, please follow the steps below to confirm whether the water quality meets the requirements:
  • Use a small amount of edible salt as shown in the following image and add it to the clear water tank that is filled with filtered water, then shake the clean water tank until the edible salt dissolves in the water. Please make sure not to add excessive edible salt.

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  1. If the type of water in your area is considered hard water with a ppm level higher than 120ppm, the MACH V1 series may not be able to generate ozone. In this specific scenario, it is recommended to try filling the clean water tank with cold tap water and filtered water using a 1:1 ratio.


If you have any further questions, please contact MyAnker Support team for assistance.