The innovative Eco-Clean Ozone™ technology produces ozone to deeply clean surfaces while removing bacteria and mites. The Eco-Clean Ozone™ function is turned on by default, and you can also disable it by pressing the button on the vacuum or via the eufy Clean app.

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The built-in ozone generator creates ozone with tap water, which can be used to clean both the floor and the vacuum cleaner itself during its self-cleaning process.


Only tap water can be added to the clean water tank. Mineral and purified water have been artificially filtered and added with trace elements. The conductivity of filtered water is very low and cannot be used to generate ozone.

After sterilizing the floor, the ozone will break down into oxygen in just a few minutes. The entire process is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Additionally, the ozone concentration has successfully passed the NCB standards for product certification which is in line with the CB Scheme. The percentage of ozone in the room does not exceed 5x10^(-6), and the amount of ozone dissolved in water is 0.4 mg/L.


Please rest assured that you do not have to worry about smells or residue. The Eco-Clean Ozone™ technology is absolutely safe to use around kids and pets.