Usually, an external battery could supply 60%-70% power to other devices. Approximately 30-40% of the battery capacity is lost in circuit heat and voltage conversions, which means that a fully charged PowerCore 10000 can only offer 6000-7000mAh battery capacity to your devices. Therefore, please get to know the battery capacity of your device first to find out the correct charging times the power bank should provide.


If you now get fewer full charges for your devices than you used to get via the power bank, or you find the power bank is losing power much more quickly than before, please try the following tips to see whether it is helpful:

  • Make sure you do not leave a USB C to lightning cable in the portable battery (with USB C PD port) when the power bank is not used. The USB C to lightning cable will drain power automatically even though there is no device connected.
  • Do not use the devices when they are charged via the power bank to see whether it helps.
  • Charge the PowerCore fully again, try another cable and try the power bank on another device to see how it works.


If the troubleshooting does not solve the problem, please contact MyAnker Customer Support for further assistance.