Q1: Does 622 Magnetic Battery support pass-through charging?

A1: Yes. You can recharge it while charging another device wirelessly.


Q2: Will my iPhone start charging automatically when I attach it?

A2: Yes, it will automatically start charging when it detects a MagSafe compatible device. 


Q3: Can the power bank itself be charged via MagSafe or any other wireless charger?

A3: No, it can only be charged using a wall charger.


Q4: Does it work with the iPhone 12/13 mini?

A4: No. Due to the iPhone 12/13 mini’s smaller size, it doesn’t fit well enough on the charging surface.


Q5: How do I recharge the 622 Magnetic Battery?

A5: It can be recharged using a USB-C wall charger together with the included USB-C cable, or using a USB-A wall charger with a USB-A to USB-C cable (not included).


If you have any further questions, please contact MyAnker Customer Support for assistance.