Cables can break due to various reasons. In order for your cable to last as long as possible, please avoid the following scenarios. 


1. Physical damage: Never place your cable at a location where it could be accidentally squeezed, rolled over, or crushed.


2. Humidity: Humidity or dirt on the electrical contact pins can cause corrosion. For example, you will be able to see black dots/areas appearing on the small conductive pins. Please make sure to:

  • Never charge your device if it is wet or humid.
  • Unplug your cable when it is not being used, especially in cars or other locations where strong variations in temperature and humidity exist.
  • Avoid touching the tip of the cable with wet/humid/sweaty hands.
  • Avoid charging your devices in bathrooms or other humid locations.
  • Check the tip of the cable for stains regularly and clean the contact pins before charging.
  • Check your phone's charging port regularly and clean it if necessary.

3. Tip breaking: Avoid using the tip of the cable as a handle to hold your connected device, especially when the cable is connected to a heavy device like an iPad. This may cause the tip of the cable to break or the connected device’s port to wear out.


4. Excessive bending: Cables can also break over time if they are being bent often. Our cables are designed and reinforced with aramis fibers to last more than 10,000 bending cycles under extreme conditions and they will rarely fail due to this reason.

If you have any further questions, please contact MyAnker Customer Support for assistance.