Thank you for choosing Anker. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your Anker PowerConf H700 headset:

1. Download the latest version of the AnkerWork software or AnkerWork app.  

The AnkerWork software is available at, while the AnkerWork app is available on Google Play and the App Store.
We regularly release new versions of the app and firmware. To get the best performance, make sure your version of the app, software, and firmware are all up to date.

2. Bluetooth Dongle  
Update the Bluetooth dongle on the computer software. The dongle offers better compatibility with computers. It ensures low latency and better call quality in video conferences. The Bluetooth dongle is also required for the recording function.

  • The software can only recognize the headphone when it's connected to a computer by the dongle.
  • When the Bluetooth dongle is plugged into a Macbook or Windows computer for the first time, please select "Anker Soundsync" as the sound input / output.

Software:Choose"Anker Soundsync" for both the microphone and the speaker.
How to set: Go to System Preferences > Sound > Input / Output > Select "Anker Soundsync".

3. How to use PowerConf H700 in bluetooth mode  

  • System: Select "Anker PowerConf H700 Stereo" for output, select "Anker PowerConf H700" Hands-Free AG Audio" for input;
  • Software: Select "Anker PowerConf H700 Hands-Free AG Audio" for the microphone and the speaker.


  • System: Choose "Anker PowerConf H700" for both input and output
  • Software: Choose "Anker PowerConf H700" for both the microphone and the speaker.

Note: When connected to a computer, it is recommended to use the Bluetooth dongle for better performance.  

4. Turn on PowerConf H700 before putting it on  
You can set auto-pause when taking the headset off and auto-play when wearing it.
How to set: Settings icon in the upper right corner of the Device Page > Smart Control > Auto Pause Music / Automatic music playback after wearing headset. Adjust the wearing position to make sure the wearing detection sensor, which is located on the side of the mic boom, is not blocked.

5. Multipoint connection  
When using PowerConf H700's multipoint connection, please make sure you turn off the AnkerWork app on one of your devices (either the phone app or computer software).

6. How to get best performance of call quality

  • Check the audio input/output setting on your computer and conference APP/software.
  • Check whether the microphone is muted.
  • Upgrade the Bluetooth dongle and the firmware version of PowerConf H700
  • Ensure the headphones are close to your device.

Note: We recommend using the Bluetooth dongle when you are in a conference call on a computer, so that you can enjoy a better microphone performance.

For more details on how to use your new headset, check out the "How-to-Use" videos here: