HomeBase 3 stores all detected video recordings with secure encryption technology.


When to use Video Archive Function


Sometimes, you may need to retain some important video footage on a computer or provide video evidence to the police. You can back up your footage by plugging in a USB Stick via USB port 1 on the back of the HomeBase. The backup videos will be converted to MP4 format. 


How to use Video Archive Function


To backup the videos, you can insert a USB Stick first. Then open the App: HomeBase 3> Settings> Video Archive> Select a period> Select the object> Archive



Notes for using Video Archive Function


1. Use the USB 1 on the HomeBase for video archiving

2. Support fat32 and exfat format extend USB drive or HDD, exfat is recommended

3. Support time-selecting option

4. Don’t unplug the USD drive during video archiving