The MACH V1 series is designed using the JetStream™ technology, which ensures the noises emitted by the MACH V1 series while cleaning is as low as 65dB. However, the maximum suction power of the vacuum can reach up to 16,800Pa when it is working, so it is inevitable for the vacuum to emit noises to a certain degree. Although the noises will not affect your daily routine, it is recommended to avoid using the vacuum cleaner when you would like to enjoy a quiet moment or late at night.


The MACH V1 series may become a little loud in the following scenarios:

  1. During the self-drying process, the vacuum will spin the roller brush in a 360-degree direction to fully dry it. As a result, the MACH V1 series will be a little noisy during the process of turning the roller brush.
  2. During the self-cleaning process, the vacuum will release a cleaning solution to thoroughly wash the roller brush and it may be a little noisy during the process.
  3. The MACH V1 Ultra will need to produce steam when the vacuum cleaner is cleaning in steam mode, and the steam preparation process will be a little loud. However, it will not be as loud when the MACH V1 Ultra releases steam because the vacuum cleaner will reduce the power of its suction fan when steam is released.


If your MACH V1 series makes loud noises while cleaning that does not fall into one of the three scenarios mentioned above, please try the following troubleshooting steps to verify if the issue can be resolved:

  • Check whether there is any debris or objects stuck in the roller brush, tubes, clean water tank, and dirty water tank. If the noise persists after checking and cleaning these parts, please send an email to eufy support engineers and include a short video showing the exact noise issue along with your MACH V1 series' device information. Please note that you can find the device information by going to the eufy Clean app > select the MACH V1 series' Settings menu > Device Info > use the Copy Device Information tab at the bottom to provide the information to eufy support engineers.

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  • If there is a friction noise when you navigate the  MACH V1 series in a forward and backward motion, please check whether the soft rubber strip on the bottom of the vacuum cleaner has worn off. Please note that the soft rubber strip may sometimes cause minor noises due to the friction between the rubber strip and the floor, especially if the floor has a smooth surface.

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If you have any further questions, please contact MyAnker Support team for assistance.