The MACH vacuum cleaner and the eufy Clean app will track the accessories' wear-and-tear condition based on the continuous cumulative usage time. When an accessory needs to be replaced, the MACH V1 vacuum cleaner will remind the user to replace the accessory as soon as possible in order to maintain the vacuum's peak performance.


For optimal performance, follow the instructions below to clean and maintain your MACH vacuum cleaner regularly(taking 20-30 minutes for each cleaning, 2 times a week as a reference). The frequency of cleaning/replacement will depend on your usage habits.



Cleaning Frequency

Replacement Frequency

Rolling Brush

1-2 weeks

Every 6 months


1-2 weeks

Every 6 months


6 months

Every 6 months



Every 3-6 months


Please note that when replacing new accessories, it is also essential to reset the specific accessory's usage tracker on the vacuum in order for the vacuum to recognize an accessory has been replaced.

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If you have any further questions, please contact eufy support engineers.