Wireless charging, also known as inductive charging, is a technology that uses a non-physical contact method to achieve power transmission. It uses inductive coupling to transfer energy from a power supply to a device. Since the energy is transmitted between the charger and the electric device through inductive coupling, no wired connection is required between the two.


At present, there are three common wireless power transmission technologies: electromagnetic induction, electromagnetic resonance, and radio waves. Anker wireless chargers use electromagnetic induction. The further away the receiver is from the transmitter, the less energy the device will receive from a magnetic field. Phones need so much energy that the charging distance is only a few millimeters, so it’s not recommended to use a phone case thicker than 5 mm on our wireless chargers. Also, the magnetic field is strongest at its center, which means your device should be aligned centrally on the wireless charger to ensure a stable charging performance.