When you plug a microSD card into the card reader/hub/dock’s micro SD port, the card should recognize your laptop, but if it is in write-protection mode, you can browse the files on this card but cannot copy, transfer or delete the files. This issue may be caused by the connected laptop, microSD card, or the card reader/hub/dock.


Here are some troubleshooting tips that may help you locate and resolve the problem.


For laptops:

  • Try a different laptop with a different operating system (OS) to see if the issue persists.


For microSD cards:

  • Back up the data, format the card (choose format “exFAT”) and try again.
  • Try a different microSD card.


For hubs/docks:

  • Try with a different hub/dock with an SD port to see whether the SD card can work well.


If all of the steps above cannot help you locate and resolve the problem, please contact MyAnker Customer Support for further assistance. Briefly mention the steps that you’ve already tried for a faster solution.