The USB-C PD port in a dock can supply up to 18W or 20W (depending on the specific model) in charging the peripheral device. If devices such as phones or tablets are not charged when connected to the port, it may be caused by charging devices like the wall outlet or dock, including the accessories such as the power adapter. 


Here are some troubleshooting tips that may help you locate and resolve the problem.


For charging devices:

  • Confirm whether the device can be charged without the dock.
  • Try with a different charging cable and charging device no more than 20W for a full charge to see if it can be charged normally.


For wall outlets:

  • Try a different wall outlet to see whether the problem persists.


For the dock:

  • Confirm whether the dock's LED light is on when the power button is pressed.
  • If possible, try a different power adapter to see whether it is the root cause.


If all of the steps above cannot help you locate and resolve the problem, please contact MyAnker Customer Support for further assistance. Briefly mention the steps that you’ve already tried for a faster solution.