In order to ensure the peak performance of a PowerConf speakerphone, it is highly recommended that you always keep the speakerphone on its latest firmware version. As for how to update the firmware, please see the chart below for further information:


Product Name

How to Update Firmware




PowerConf S3

On smartphone APP:

1. Install the AnkerWork App on your phone ( download it directly from the App Store or Google Store on your phone)

2. Connect your phone with the PowerConf speakerphone via Bluetooth

3. Find the PowerConf speakerphone on AnkerWork App to check its information

4. Click Settings > Update firmware > Download to start upgrading


PowerConf S500

PowerConf S330

PowerConf 360

On PC software:

1. Install the AnkerWork PC software via this link  

2. Click Device Switch button on the left top corner > select Device > Firmware Upgrade > Update